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Monthly Archives: October 2011

customer’s feedback

Posted on by rit
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“Just wanted to say how pleased I was with the speedy despatch of my saltpipe, I received it within 24hours of ordering online. I have found it helps my rhinitus + coughing.” Marilyn

News from Cisca

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Due to the high volume of orders of the Cisca Salpipe at the moment as we were featured on Mail on Sunday on 16/10/2011 as one of the best 5  Salt inhaler,the delivery now can take up to 3-5 working days.  … Read More

Testimonial from Mrs. Saga

Posted on by rit
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“I received the Salt pipe yesterday – Already I feel the benefits.Tested it out last night (normally I wake up at night almost choking with phelgm and mucous) and I was mucous free – I did not expect such a … Read More

Testimonial from Mr. Harwood

Posted on by rit
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“I have recently bought a Cisca Saltpipe and have been very impressed with the quality and effectiveness. Since taking delivery I haven’t needed to use my blue ashtma inhaler once.” August 04,2011 “I bought a new salt pipe for my … Read More

Testimonial from customer having Bronchitis

Posted on by rit
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“Further to my phone call , I must let you know that after having a bout of Bronchitis, I bought a salt pipe after seeing an advert in a travel magazine, it was one of the best things I have … Read More

Testimonial from Google customer

Posted on by rit
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I bought this for my mum who is 65 she was diagnosed that she had asthma after she stopped smoking 15 years ago. Recently she has been learning how to breathe properly and trying to reduce the use of her … Read More

Cisca Saltpipe in Metro 3/10/11

Posted on by rit
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‘INHALING – Salt – We’re not talking about the dinner table kind but the fresh, salty air you’ll find at the seaside. A good way to help respiratory disorders such as asthma is to cleanse the respiratory system and the … Read More

Testimonial from Switzerland

Posted on by rit
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Just wanted to let you that I have been using the Salt pipe for 3 years now (I had to order a new one tonight because I dropped and shattered the one I had).  Until I started to use the … Read More