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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Testimonial from Mr. C. Antill

Posted on by rit
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I suffered with constant excessive build-up of Mucus resulting in strenuous coughing and sleepless nights. It was a blessing I learnt of the Cisca Salt Pipe which, over a 3-4 week period of use my respiratory system has greatly improved,my Mucus … Read More

Testimonail from customer with emphysema

Posted on by rit
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My dad has been using one of these saltpipes for a few months and it has improved his breathing considerably. He has emphysema and one weak lung from years of mining and smoking and for the first time in a … Read More

Testimonial from Mr. C. Lindley for sinus problems

Posted on by rit
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“I recieved a Saltpipe from you about four days ago and have been using it regularly. I am delighted to report that at last I can breath. Ever since I was a small child (Iam now 46) I have suffered … Read More

Testimonial from Mr. Norman

Posted on by rit
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“It all started in the winter of 2002, I had an acute attack of sinusitis which left me with a completely blocked left nostril. I attended several ENT outpatient clinics but without any relief being forthcoming so in January 2004 … Read More

The Best salt air inhaler

Posted on by rit
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“Cisca Saltpipe was featured on Mail on Sunday 16/10/2011 as 5 of best salt inhalers. “The benefits of inhaling salty air have long been recognised for conditions such as asthma, sinus problems and even colds. In 1843, Polish physicial Dr. … Read More