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Detox Your Respiratory System

Posted on by rit
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We do not know that much about our respiratory system during the day and the night. It can be easy to forget how important a fully-functioning respiratory system is, but it can be even harder to identify any problems that stem from this area because we become so used to breathing. However, when you begin to wheeze, you are struggling to breathe, you have a cough that won’t go away or you are worried about the pollution in the air, we can help.

The Cisca Saltpipe gives you the chance to detox your respiratory system and help to eliminate a range of problems in your daily life. We understand that you may have your doubts about a saltpipe and its effectiveness to help this array of problems. To help put these worries to one side, here are three ways The Cisca Saltpipe helps to detox your respiratory system:

  1. Increased oxygen: The dry saltpipe is a great way to increase the oxygen levels throughout system for a short time. By removing the particles in the air, you can gain a range of positives.
  2. Clean your system: From your nose and mouth through to your lungs and alveoli, your respiratory systems will begin to be flushed and cleaned each day.
  3. Eliminate immediate issues: It is proven to reduce the pain and discomfort of breathing and coughing issues.

To discover more about detoxing your respiratory system at The Cisca Saltpipe, speak with us today.