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Discover Our Therapeutic Breathing Remedy

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Breathing is so unconscious that when you struggle to breathe, have a cold or you’re short of breath; you truly feel the effects. This horrible time can be alleviated by the help of rest, but we believe in other therapeutic breathing remedies to help you through this stage.

Using The Cisca Saltpipe you can slowly improve your breathing, help your respiratory system repair and make your life more enjoyable. This therapeutic breathing remedy uses its detoxifying nature to make breathing easier for you every day. Just 15 minutes of usage each day will dramatically help your whole respiratory system.

Not only can it help you breathe more freely if you have existing breathing problems, but it’s also a great tool to clean and clear your airwaves. We live in such a polluted world and our lungs take in dust all the time. Therefore, The Cisca Saltpipe and its healing features can be perfect for your situation.

Taking advantage of salts created over 20 million years ago, The Cisca Saltpipe is a dry salt inhaler that will aid the absorption of oxygen and will stifle the build-up of mucus. The healing features in The Cisca Saltpipe make it a great purchase whether you’re struggling to breathe or you want to clean out your breathing system each day.

Discover more about our therapeutic breathing remedy and how it can help you by speaking to our helpful team.