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Natural Breathing Therapy For Bronchitis

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Bronchitis is an infection of the airways that makes them irritated and inflamed, with most cases developing following another infection.

It leads to your bronchi (the main airways of the lungs) producing more mucus than usual, which your body tries to shift by coughing. If you are worried about bronchitis, it’s best to avoid smoking because cigarette smoke can exacerbate the condition and increase your risk of developing COPD or chronic bronchitis.

When looking for natural breathing therapy for bronchitis, why not consider the Cisca Salt Pipe: the original and the best form of salt therapy.

The Cisca Salt Pipe can ease the symptoms of bronchitis by helping you to clear your airways. Just 15-20 minutes of use can dramatically improve your respiratory system, helping you to absorb oxygen and therefore breathe easier.

The Salt Pipe also provides natural therapy for other conditions, including sinus problems, asthma, persistent coughs, COPD and Emphysema, and even the common cold.

Using this device is extremely easy and can be used to cleanse deep in your nasal cavity.

Find out more about our natural breathing therapy for bronchitis.