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Natural Remedies for Breathing Problems

Posted on by rit
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Are you searching for natural remedies for breathing problems?

In summer, breathing problems can be made worse because of the amount of pollen in the air, along with an increase in dust. Each person in your household loses around 1.5 million skin flakes in one hour, most of which end up in your carpet; this can have an extremely negative effect on your breathing.

Shockingly, around 75% of the UK population suffer from breathing problems of some kind, which suggests our modern environment is to blame, with pollution soaring in cities like London.

Along with keeping your home clean, there is a natural remedy that is both soothing and good for your breathing: it’s known as the Salt Pipe, and at Cisca we sell the original patented model.

Whether it’s asthma, allergies or sinus problems, the Salt Pipes offer a natural solution for a variety of breathing problems.

The Salt Pipe can cleanse both our skin and hair using the natural power of Halite salt crystals. 50-60 grams of these are filtered using our handheld porcelain pipe, which has two ceramic filters.

Simple and natural, the Salt Pipe can also strengthen your immune system, alleviate sneezing and coughing, and shortness of breath. This natural remedy is extremely affordable: the Salt Pipe costs only £26.99 and the crystals only need to be replaced every five years.

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