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How I beat Asthma by using Cisca Saltpipe

Posted on by rit
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There has been an article from Chat Magazine on 17/10/13 from one of our customer Clare Grey who has been using the saltpipe and it helps her with asthma.  

Incredible result of the Saltpipe on astham and COPD!

Posted on by rit
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“My wife purchase a Cisca Saltpipe in July 2013 on my behalf as I am asthmatic and have COPD.  I have used inhalers to relieve the symptoms and they do the job and if you  do not know any better … Read More

Nice letter from customer

Posted on by rit
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We got the letter from our customer whose husband has used the pipe for 3-4 years to said the pipe has kept him well.

No more inhaler!

Posted on by rit
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“I was told I had asthma over a year ago, I duty fully tried the inhalers they give you and decided within days that I would rather have asthma than inhale chemicals that could only be bad for me, I … Read More

This is may be helpful for parents having children with Asthma

Posted on by rit
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This is from http://www.mumsnet.com/qanda/dr-mike-thomas onesmallkayak: My oldest daughter started Ventolin syrup at three for night-time coughing, and at age 24 is a regular user of various inhalers. She is two inches shorter than predicted. When my second daughter, 16 years … Read More

Salt pipe -Does it work for COPD or Asthma

Posted on by rit
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Saltpipe inhalers are hand held ceramic containers filled with Halite salt crystals, which were formed around 20 million years ago in Hungarian and Transylvanian salt caves. See more on http://www.akeso.co/articles/2012-06-28/saltpipe-%E2%80%93-does-it-work-for-copd-or-asthma

Saltpipe for asthma and allergies sufferers

Posted on by rit
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Anna, 32 from Hertfordshire, has suffered from asthma and troublesome allergies since she was a teenager. Like many sufferers, Anna has always had difficulty pinpointing her triggers. “My allergies have always been really hard to pin-down.  Sometimes it seems to … Read More

Testimonial from Mr. Harwood

Posted on by rit
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“I have recently bought a Cisca Saltpipe and have been very impressed with the quality and effectiveness. Since taking delivery I haven’t needed to use my blue ashtma inhaler once.” August 04,2011 “I bought a new salt pipe for my … Read More