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Testimonial from asthma-hayfever customer

Posted on by rit
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“I am writing to tell you how pleased I a since using your Cisca Saltpipe.  I have been suffering from asthma, hay fever and blocked sinuses for several years.

My worst problem was suffering three asthma attacks this year.  I had to take a steroids for different types of inhalers and also tablets to help control the asthma.

But since I started to use the pipe I have noticed a vast improvement.  I haven’t had a cold for over a month! Prior to this, I was suffering a cold almost every month, which always triggered my asthma off.


What I find amazing, is how the pipe works and how simple it is to use, with no side-effects!  I dislike using my inhalers and worry about all the side-effects.  Not only that, after using the inhaler, it made me cough.


I haven’t had any bad symptoms as yet.  My lungs feel clear at last.  I can actually talk, without coughing! So once again, I would like to thank you and congratulate you on making such a wonderful product available.  It is reasonably priced also.  I used to spend a fortune on prescription medicines, nor was I happy to take them!


I can tell you I will be recommending the pipe to my friends.  I was also very impressed, when I phoned your company about the pipe—before I ordered it from you.  It was also delivered very promptly.”

Mrs. Mudhar, Slough, (19/08/2006)