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Want To Know More About Salt Cave Therapy?

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Salt crystals have been used for decades to treat respiratory disorders and to strengthen the immune system. But there’s never been an easier way to do this than the Cisca Salt Pipe.

Invented in Hungary, this unique product has an ergonomic design that is extremely easy to use. Available in three different models, it needs to be used for only 15-20 minutes daily to dramatically improve your respiratory system.

Salt Cave Therapy provides a natural form of relief for anybody who suffers from asthma, including young children.

The Saltpipe has been on sale in the UK for over 12 years now and attracted plenty of praise from both professionals and consumers. While other companies have copied this product, this Salt Pipe remains the original and best.

Although this form of therapy was initially invented to aid breathing disorders, it’s also known to be highly relaxing.

Harness the natural power of salt cave therapy.

Cisca Ltd sell the original patented Salt Pipe which requires no re-fills, and is the only one to feature a safety valve and CE medical registration.

We offer Class IIA which is the only type which can legally be sold in UK. There are many copycat versions which are CE medical registered, but do not comply with EU regulations. Only our Salt Pipe is legally safe to sell and use.

It provides a simple and natural way to improve your health, helping you to maintain optimal respiratory function and breathe easily.

Discover more about Salt Cave Therapy.